Since Saturday, I can feel a huge anger growing in me. It is not only because of the tax on bank accounts (I have no funds at stake). But mostly it is because I have the impression of being taken for a fool. I am, like any citizen of this country, the victim of a scam. On the one hand, I must foot the bill for the mess left by Cypriot leaders and on the other hand, I must submit to the "political games" of our European partners.

As the poet Aeschylus put it, "there is nothing worse than the rage of a grumbling people". In our case, however, the people are already beyond the grumbling stage. The patience of even the most benevolent of peoples has its limits. And when these are crossed, the rage overflows and can sweep away everything in its path.

‘That is enough’

This is what will happen in this particular case. United, as a people with dignity and a conscience, we must go into the streets and state, with all the force that our souls can muster, that we are not fools. We must shout with all our might: "That is enough!"

When it comes down to it, you don't need a Masters in Economics to understand the consequences. The great majority of people are affected personally. They range from the old lady who managed to scrape together savings of €5,000 or €10,000, to the employee who put away a little each month so that his child can get an education later.

Even for those with millions in the bank, the problem is that, because they have "a lot", well, we will take a little of it. We very well know what this means. Those with a lot of savings will put their money elsewhere, to the detriment of the local economy. This will lead to more lay-offs, to bankruptcies of small and medium-sized businesses – we know the story.

But what is highlighted in this affair, is the peoples' lack of confidence in Europe. This is not the Europe we dreamed of, this is not the Europe we want. In our Europe, there is no place for this kind of behaviour.