The cover of the latest issue of the German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche pays tribute to the European Union. The magazine asked nine important German advertising agencies to produce for its print and online editions pictures and videos promoting the EU. They are meant to remind readers of the benefits of EU membership regardless of the Eurozone crisis and of a possible Grexit or Brexit. Says editor in chief Miriam Meckel:

The meaning of European integration is being questioned like never before since 1945. National interests come back to the fore and old prejudices against neighboring countries wake up again to full bloom. We don't want to let it remain like this. Even leaving aside ideal pursuits, the EU provides tangible economic benefits for export world champion Germany. A functioning Europe is in the interest of the German economy. As Germany's leading business magazine it's only logical that we have a clear commitment to European integration.

Of course we can see the problems of the Eurozone and don't deny Brussels' penchant for bureaucracy, but we should sometimes take a step back and pay tribute to the considerable achievements of European unification. The excellent campaign proposals of nine advertising agencies will help us doing so.

Readers of Wirtschaftswoche are asked to choose the best campaign proposal to be published in the next issue and on the magazine's site.

Under its previous editor in chief Roland Tichy Wirtschaftswoche campaigned against Eurozone bailouts and gained a reputation as anti-European.