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Briefing: 27 Voices for Europe


On the occasion of the European elections, VoxEurop has launched a new and unprecedented editorial initiative: we asked 28 top journalists and columnists from 28 media outlets – one for each EU member state – to write an article about the main issue at stake in the election campaign in their country, and to share it with the other partners.

Together, they provide a unique overview of the citizens' concerns and the state of the debate all across the EU. The project was already running when we learned that the European elections were going to be taking place in the UK. We are therefore publishing a column from Britain, but kept the original name. The initiative is run in partnership with, among others, Alternatives Economiques (Paris), Denník N (Bratislava), Efimerida Ton Sinktaton (Athens), Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw), Hospodářské Noviny (Prague), Internazionale (Rome), IQ (Vilnius), The Irish Times (Dublin), Népszava (Budapest), Público (Lisbon), (Luxembourg).