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Briefing: Listening to Europe’s voices


On 23 May over 400 million European citizens have started voting in the most important European election in the history of the European Union.

This is why we prepared a selection of articles on the European elections, starting from the weekly editorial, dedicated to the electoral campaign's notable absentee: the environment and climate change. We're also featuring an article by our partners from Internazionale and OBCT on abstention, a selection of articles from our unprecedented and exclusive series providing local perspectives on the European election campaign, “27 voices for Europe”, produced with our partners from across the continent (since we didn't know how the situation would stand with the UK when naming this series, there are now 28 voices). You will find, among others, Will Hutton's piece on Britain, Caroline De Gruyter on the Netherlands and Paul Gillespie on Ireland. Last but not least, we're publishing several case studies on key issues in the European elections, prepared by our longtime partner Alternatives Economiques.

And don’t forget: if we can offer you all this, it is largely due to all your support. Thank you for your donations! – Gian-Paolo