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Briefing: Green wave vs. nationalist storm


More than 200 million Europeans went to the polls last week to elect their representatives to the European Parliament, in the greatest democratic exercise that Europe has ever seen. Mainstream parties suffered losses, while others – far-right and populists on one side, greens and liberals on the other – scored well, as we report in our editorial by cofounder Catherine André.

Now that the campaign is over, it is time for solutions, proposals, strong transnational projects and the necessary democratic renewal. This week we are therefore offering an article by political scientist (and member of the VoxEurop Advisory Committee) Ulrike Guérot setting out the priority of the new Parliament, as well as an op-ed calling for the construction of a meta-nation in the form of a European Republic, by sociologist Alain Caillé, engineer Thierry Salomon and philosopher Patrick Viveret. We also propose a couple of data-driven stories on the elections' background, a press digest of what European dailies have been saying about the outcome of the elections, and a data-driven investigation on the economic impact of Arctic meltdown on Europe's economy.

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