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Briefing: VoxEurop | Cas Mudde on the European elections: ‘It’s the fragmentation, stupid!’


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In the aftermath of last May European elections we asked top political scientist – yes, we still appreciate experts here, and hope so do you – Cas Mudde to share his thoughts on the results of the European elections. "Fragmentation" seems to be the keyword to make sense of the results of the vote of May 23-26. Mudde points at the centrality of national politics to understand the party-system that will characterise the European Parliament over the next 5 years.

Looking back at the elections, our partners from Addendum looked at the strategies put in place by political forces in five countries, while Emanuela Barbiroglio digged into the data we collected on political parties' advertising on Facebook, and OBC Transeuropa had a closer look at the gender and the age of the candidates in Italy.

Yuliana Romanyshyn takes a look at the latest Eurobarometer data on a hypothetical EU-membership referendum. On average, a strong majority of EU citizens claims to be "remainer," but there are a few notable exceptions.

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