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Briefing: VoxEurop | Electoral campaigns have moved on Facebook


This week we continue with our series of articles on political advertising on Facebook produced together with our partners from the European Data Journalism Network by looking at more member states throughout Europe, as well at the investments made by EU institutions and political families. However, Journalism++ explains that notwithstanding much talk, data and transparency are still lacking.

To celebrate Pride month, we're also taking a closer look at the state of same-sex marriage legislation across Europe, while Stefano Valentino from MobileReporter explains why the EU must do more efforts to protect fishing stocks if it wants to preserve its fishing industry. Finally, and as EU leaders gather in Brussels to decide on the bloc's top jobs, we chose an op-ed from from our archive by political scientist Ulrike Guérot and economist Thomas Piketty, on designating the European Central Bank's heads.

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