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Briefing: VoxEurop | Time to support a truly European journalism


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We are today asking for your support, vital for our independence and so that we may continue to work for the free movement of ideas in Europe.

Following the recent European elections we are more convinced than ever that the challenges of this century are now beyond the scope of single countries acting alone. As a mainstay of democracy, journalism must accompany this change and help Europeans become the informed agents of a future they have in common. You may read below our Manifesto for a European Journalism, which outlines our vision and the challenges we are facing.

We believe that every European, regardless of age or financial means, has the right to be informed. That is why all our original content and translations, without exception, are available free of charge. Our wager is to count on the financial support of those of our readers who have the means to provide it, whether on a one-off basis or – even better – regularly.

Your support allows us to correctly remunerate our many contributing journalists, correspondents and translators who, all over Europe, provide the content on VoxEurop that you will not find elsewhere. This at a time when most national media outlets are cutting their staff devoted to European issues.

VoxEurop too is undergoing transformation. A remaking of our editorial product, more collaboration with our readers, the launch of a brand new website in early 2020, and a change to our European Cooperative Society which will soon allow you to become shareholders – many exciting changes are afoot.

Your financial support, in whatever form, will encourage us to continue our work.

On behalf of the VoxEurop team, thank you!