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Briefing: VoxEurop | How the EU is gearing up to become a major arms vendor


By establishing the European Defence Fund, a €13.6 billion scheme for innovation in the armaments field, the EU might drift from being a peace project towards holding the potential for becoming a major player in the arms selling business, Emanuela Barbiroglio reports, after speaking to several civil society actors. Meanwhile, an investigation by our partners from H-Alter in Zagreb reveals that several European countries regularly sell weapons to countries involved in the war in Yemen, and Delina Goxho looks at how the EU could play a peace-making role in the Sahel, where it supports a number of security programmes.

In other news, Alexander Damiano Ricci takes a look at the latest report from UNICEF dealing with family-friendly policies in OECD countries, and highlights how different welfare models across Europe perform differently depending on policy-specific criteria.

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