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Briefing: VoxEurop | How the gender gap is covered in the European Parliament


Dear VoxEurop readers,

We wish to offer you some European readings that we hope will enrich your knowledge on important issues during your summer holidays.

We begin our newsletter with an interesting report, prepared by the European Network of Data Journalism, on the evolution of the gender gap in the European Parliament. There are large differences between the States on this issue.

We also include an article by author Craig Willy, published in SGI News, about the regulations needed to avoid another global economic crisis. Next, we present the conclusions of the Oceana NGO report on overfishing in different areas of the Mediterranean, particularly on the coasts of Sicily. The prohibition to fish certain species is frequently ignored by a number of fishing vessels.

We continue with another article giving the Polish perspective on the closure of British universities to foreign students provoked by Brexit and the alternative choices of universities in Europe. We close with a report written in association with the European Network of Data Journalism about the recent Greek elections resulting in a return to traditional political options.

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Happy reading and have a great summer !