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Briefing: VoxEurop | Interrail and the art of train travel in Europe


Hi and welcome. While British train operators announced they were withdrawing from the Interrail, before making a quick U-turn, we feature a story by Jacopo Ottaviani from Internazionale on the European train pass scheme that was chosen by over ten million travelers since 1972.

Traveling often requires showing up passports: Alexander Damiano Ricci had a look at what H&P's Passport Index says about the strength of EU member states' passports and... Brexit. In two other stories he digs respectively into Eurofound's report on depression among young people in Europe, and on the aspirations of European workers seeking for a job opportunity.

Meanwhile, María Álvarez Del Vayo and Eva Belmonte from Civio provide a comprehensive overview of the different VAT rates that EU member states apply to sanitary products for women, and uncover the complicated interactions between an EU directive of 2007 and national legislations; EUrologus examined data released by Stratcom dealing with Russian misinformation and propaganda.

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