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Briefing: VoxEurop | Are Chinese AI companies bluffing their way into Europe?


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The EU managed to set a new standard on data protection, wrestling back some control from Silicon Valley. But with the coming of age of AI-based applications, Chinese firms strive in turn for a piece of the colony, Vincent Lorin reports.

With a no deal scenario in sight for October 31, the Brexit heat is reaching new levels. Therefore we take a look at the potential disruptions a failed negotiation could cause for the economy. Alternatives Economiques outlines Brexit's impact on the economy and on the job market across the Channel.

In another story, Emanuela Barbiroglio and Alexander Damiano Ricci had a look on the state of housing in the EU, after the Housing Europe Observatory released its latest report.

This week we also end with Eurozine's Mood of Europe series on the aftermath of the European elections in each EU countries seen from a local perpsective. The last story takes us outside the EU however. We hope you enjoyed the series as much as we did.

Like every year, we took part as media partners and guests in the Lectorinfabula European cultural festival in Conversano (Southern Italy), and in Internazionale's festival in Ferrara (North-eastern Italy). Have a look at their website.

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