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Briefing: How 5G-powered smart cities challenge privacy and individual liberties


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The solutions promised by smart cities have ushered in a wave of optimism and a rush for the widespread implementation of 5G on which they will run. However, notes Andreas Vou on VoxEurop, a social and political threat comes hand in hand with the contentious privacy and civil liberties aspects.

Ahead of this week's European Council, OBC Transeuropa provides with an overview of the state of the art of the informal negotiations that could lead to accession talks between the EU and Albania and North Macedonia.

Starting-off from Croatia, Ana Kuzmanić and Ivana Perić from H-Alter analyse the well-being of pensioners across Europe, focusing on those who cope with poverty and need to work even after retirement.

Celebrations for the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall have started, and researcher Raphael Bossong looked at those times when there was hope for freedom in a borderless world, which seems far away now that more and more hard borders arise in Europe.

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