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Briefing: A few good reasons for Liberals to be cautiously optimist


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The regimes of ultra-conservative PiS and of self-proclaimed "illiberal" Fidesz have been – again – confirmed respectively in the general election in Poland and in the municipal elections in Hungary. But there are small signals that something is changing – possibly for the better – note Edit Zgut and Wojciech Przybylski in Visegrad Insight. However, our correspondent in Warsaw reports that young Poles tend to vote in a polarised way, leaning more to the far right than any other age group.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has allowed hundreds of thousands of infertile couples to have children, but there are sometimes notable difference in regulation between EU countries, especially when it comes to who is entitled to apply, writes Aude Martin in Alternatives Economiques.

And as cities adopt stricter environmental measures, air quality is overall improving. But the death rate from air pollution remains too high, says Emanuela Barbiroglio, who reviewed extensively the latest European Environment Agency report. Talking about health: do you know how many fruits and vegetables are Europeans eating daily? Our partners from EUrologus had a look at it for you.

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