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Briefing: Brexit – A new border in the Irish Sea


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Where will Northern Ireland lie once – or if – Brexit happens under the latest Withdrawal agreement? "Not quite in the European Union, not quite in the United Kingdom", explains Aude Martin in her in-depth story on the future of the Island's economy.

Whatever the future relations between the EU and the UK, the European Parliament will have its say. And a few of its committees will come into play. This is where Andrew Rettman's explainer on how the true EU powerhouse works will come in handy.

Looking at food labels, palm oil seem to be everywhere. But there is probably more of it in your car's tank than in your dish, note Cristina Suárez and Guillermo Cid in their investigation on biofuel. Large ships don't run on palm oil – the Earth would be covered in palm trees – but on much more polluting fuel oil. Should we ban them for that?, wonders Alternatives Economiques in a data-driven video.

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