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Briefing: Special – A year in cartoons


Dear VoxEurop friends,

Political cartoons can be a poignant and powerful way to tell a story and comment on it. This is why we make sure to publish them regularly, and to use them as illustrations for our articles as much as possible. We’ve been doing this for years now, to the point that they have become VoxEurop’s trademark. It is thanks also to the many cartoonists who appreciate our work, and to our partnership with the Cartoon Movement platform.

What better way then to end 2019 than with a selection of our favourite cartoons. A selection is always arbitrary and perhaps more so with cartoons, which show us reality in a different way: fresh and often lighthearted, but probably also more subtle and complete.

Our selection tries to cover the most outstanding events of the year. They include the youth movement urging politicians to to tackle the climate crisis, with the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg as its global spokesperson; the to-and-fro around Brexit, which now finally seems to be on the way under British prime minister Boris Johnson; and the European elections of May, with the subsequent appointments of the new heads of the European institutions, including the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. And as you will see, other events in the European level also aroused interest among cartoonists who, we like to point out, are journalists in their own right.

Like everything we do at VoxEurop, publishing such a variety of cartoons is also possible thanks to your support. Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Happy reading and happy 2020!

The VoxEurop Team