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Briefing: An overambitious EU?


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Implementing the European Green Deal, negotiating a trade deal with exiting UK, tackling illiberal democracies, taming big tech…: the new political leadership seems to have overpromised, by generating outsized expectations that might reveal too difficult to manage, notes political scientist (and VoxEurop supervisory board member) Alberto Alemanno. Regulating platforms at the EU level is also a major concern for a bunch of media experts.

How long is long-term? Often it depends. Or, most likely, nobody really knows. At least, this is the result OBC Transeuropa obtained when it asked EU institutions and international NGOs about how long refugee camps in Greece should be operational. Another data is even more worrying: in Europe an awful lot of children go missing every year. Eurologus explains how and why.

Four years have passed since the young researcher Giulio Regeni was abducted in Cairo, before being tortured and murdered. EuropaNow! asks European cities to demand that the Egyptian government explain the circumstances around his brutal assassination.

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Gian-Paolo Accardo, executive editor