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Briefing: A revolution at VoxEurop


Dear friend,

We announced it to you at the start of the year: VoxEurop is entering a period of great change.

2020 begins with the complete renovation of our site, thanks to your support and a grant from France’s Ministry of Culture. It will be more than a simple facelift: we are entirely rethinking our editorial policy and visual identity.

We expect the result to be stunning, of course, and above all to meet the needs of our community of readers. But the final phase of this project will mobilise much of our resources and team, and until early April.

The current VoxEurop site will remain online but in the coming weeks you will notice a slowdown in our rhythm of publication, including the newsletters you may receive. For the journalists that we are, this was a hard but necessary choice: we need to devote all our energy to the new challenge. Thanks for your understanding!

That is not all. As a reader, and a European, you are VoxEurop’s raison d’être. We would not imagine undertaking such a transformation without you. We will therefore be looking for your feedback and asking what you would like to find in the new VoxEurop. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

And if you already have ideas, suggestions, remarks, criticisms, or anything else to say, do not wait! Tell us at

Your views mean everything to us. It is with you that we are building the European media outlet for tomorrow.

See you soon!

Catherine, Gian-Paolo, Sergio, Paul and the VoxEurop team

PS: You are most welcome to make us a donation (thank you!) But keep some pennies in reserve because soon you will be able to become a full member of VoxEurop – in exchange for numerous perks.