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Briefing: Is there any red in the European Green Deal?


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While we are still pretty busy with working on our new website and a few other tricks, we took the time to ask some experts whether Ursula von der Leyen's focus on a Green Deal implies the end of the "revival of Social Europe" era. This is what they told Alexander Damiano Ricci.

Although, every year, 1.3 million people die from cancer, it appears we are moving ahead as society in the prevention of this disease, Emanuela Barbiroglio explains. While in the latest episode of the podcast series The Grassroots View, Catherine André discusses data and evidence concerning gender violence across Europe.

Meanwhile, Delina Goxho, Megan Karlshøj-Pedersen, and Abigail Watson show that EU member states are failing to achieve their strategic objectives in the Sahel region. This raises some critical questions. Or, at least, it should. And speaking about the military, Foeke Postma, from our friends at PAX, explains why we should keep an eye on the EU's plans for developing killing drones.

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Oh, and another important news: we're happy to have joined the Covering Climate Now network. It features more than 400 news outlets around the world who commit to boost media coverage of the climate crisis, which historically has lacked in the urgency and effort the story deserves.

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Gian-Paolo Accardo, executive editor