Economy: The capitalist spring

The capitalist spring – Patrick Chappatte
10 May 2013 – Le Temps (Geneva)

Two men have contrary reactions depending on their perspectives of the "stock market" and the "economy"

The Economist announces it in a headline: "Wall Street is back".

The New York Stock Exchange has witnessed almost uninterrupted growth since the beginning of the year. On May 7, the Dow Jones Index crossed the symbolic line of 15,000 points.

If the robust American markets sound the return of growth in the United States, activity seems to be stirring in Europe as well, as shown by March's positive figures in industrial production in Germany and the United Kingdom.

In terms of debt, the situation appears to be stabilising with Portugal's return to the market, the possible return of Greece by the end of 2014, and borrowing rates at a three-year low in Spain.