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EU-US free-trade accord: B movie

B movie – Plantu
Le Monde (Paris)

Drop that reactionary scenario, and read this one. It's more fun!

In the wake of the announcement by European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht to the effect that the exclusion of cultural services from negotiations for a free-trade treaty with the US, which had been agreed by EU member states, was only "temporary", José Manuel Barroso has described France’s defense of the cultural exception as "reaction", much to the annoyance of the government in Paris and French daily Le Monde.

The Paris based newspaper accuses the Commission President of being preoccupied by his "personal ambitions" and of being "unable to instigate any political initiative to relaunch the Union" —

Today, at age 57, this chameleon is looking out for his future. In the hope of a nice job in NATO or the United Nations – who knows? – he has chosen to flatter his Anglo-Saxon partners, the British Prime Minister and the US President. At the head of the Commission, Mr Barroso has provided an excellent reflection of a decade of setbacks in Europe.