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European Parliament: French veto

French veto – Tom Janssen
Trouw (Amsterdam)

Who are the most harmful for Europe ... Europhiles or europhobes?

The French!

On the front page: "The European Parliament wants to get rid of the monthly move to Strasbourg – French veto"

"Dedicated Europhiles such as [Guy] Verhofstadt represent a greater danger to popular support for Europe than Eurosceptics such as Marine Le Pen," said Dutch parliamentarian Mark Verheijen (VVD,Conservative-Liberal) on November 16, adding that their plans for a "federal Europe" actually "scare people" and risk undermining "public support."

On November 20, the European Parliament voted in favour of the Fox-Häfner report which suggested the European Parliament should have only one headquarters, in Brussels, rather than the current situation where it also holds sessions in the French city of Strasbourg. France is expected to formally oppose the plan and may also also use its veto.