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Immigration: When the going gets tough

When the going gets tough – Mauro Biani
Il Manifesto (Rome)

We will bomb the boats, we will bomb the detention camps, we will bomb the lorries in the desert, we will bomb their wars.

On 13 May the European commission presented its agenda on immigration, setting out a common migration strategy for the next five years. This comes after the emergency triggered by the increase in migrants arriving on Europe’s shores (over 62,000) or drowning in the Mediterranean (over 1,800) since the beginning of the year.

The Commission also adopted some urgent measures, including how the 20,000 refugees granted asylum by the EU each year will be resettled among member states up to 2016. The number of refugees taken by each nation will depend on criteria like GDP, population, unemployment, and the number of refugees already present. The UK, Ireland and Denmark have an opt-out.

High representative Federica Mogherini also announced that concrete military measures to "disrupt the smugglers' business model" in Libya’s ports and territorial waters would have to be decided on Monday by EU foreign and defence ministers.