Witnessing historic changes is often a privilege. This year again, Presseurop was at the forefront of the coverage of changes happening, or poised to happen, in Europe. From the future of Greece and the eurozone, discussions on federalism, economic policy or the transition in energy, to debates on how to develop ties between Europeans, we will continue to provide the most relevant articles to help understand these changes throughout 2013.

But, as implied in our name, we also take a close look at the upheavals in the media in general and the written press in particular. The disappearance of the Financial Times Deutschland, which folded in early December, shed light on the critical challenges faced by the newspapers we share with our readers each day.

Although our staff is taking a break and will return on January 2, during Christmas week we will provide a series of articles on the press in Europe. From Madrid to Stockholm, from Paris to Brussels, the trip will highlight the lives and concerns of journalists.

For New Year's Eve, we have a surprise planned. A unique way to greet the new year. It should prove that Europe can be stimulating and that the press still has ideas.

Happy reading and Happy holidays to all.

PS: You would be unable to read all the articles selected each day without our forty or so translators, who are crucial to the quality of Presseurop. For this we thank them.