"What now?" In the aftermath of the ultra-mediatized dismantling of the "Jungle" refugee camp in Calais, Northern France,Libération wonders about the fate of the asylum seekers who were hoping to seek refuge in Britain, and the possibility of a solution to the issue of immigration. "As it stands, EU harmonization has established minimal regulations for the entry and residency of foreigners and asylum seekers," notes the French daily, which further explains that in accordance with Dublin II Regulation, migrants are obliged to seek asylum in the country where they enter the EU. It is this stipulation that has resulted in "huge numbers of illegal immigrants congregating in Calais, Lampedusa, Gibraltar and elsewhere," a phenomenon "which highlights the need for a substantial European response. The nations of Old Europe must negotiate agreements to share the burden of immigration and adopt a common asylum protocol. Until this has been done, [concludes the daily](http://, we are likely to see more disgraceful 'clean-up operations' like the one we saw yesterday."