“Shale gas has already started providing well-paid work”,enthuses Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. Withthe largest estimated reserves of shale gas in Europe, Poland has experienced a “gas rush” in the last couple of months. Several international as well as national companies have started the hunt for deposits and have carried out initial tests. At the end of August the first test well was successfully completed at Łebień, near Gdańsk.

“Companies looking for unconventional gas pay professionals a fortune, employ lots of people and invest heavily in the equipment”, writes the Warsaw business daily. According to experts, each test drill requires a crew of up to 35 people which means that in order to drill a planned thousand test wells an anticipated 35,000 workers will be needed. Tens of thousands more will find jobs providing accommodation, food and analyses. Altogether, according to DGP, the “new branch of industry” will provide jobs for some 100,000 people with the best specialists earning up to 40,000 zlotys (10,000 euros) per month.