IRA splinter group, the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army) has declared it is officially disbanding, reports the front page of the Belfast Telegraph. In a weekend statement, the movement, responsible for more than 150 deaths during the Northern Irish troubles, said it would also surrender its weapons and bombs to General John de Chastelain’s official disarmament body. Having broken from the IRA in 1975, the Marxist inspired group became prominent with the spectacular 1979 assassination of Airey Neave, British PM’s Margaret’s Thatcher’s right hand man, in a car bomb near the House of Commons, and also for its bloody internal feuds which left 15 of its own members dead. In a separate development in the labyrinthine world of Irish nationalist movements, the “Official” IRA (ie the original group from whom the modern IRA split) has finally decided to surrender its weapons too, after declaring a ceasefire all of 37 years ago, reports the Irish News. All this coincides with a visit from US secretary of state Hillary Clinton “to push forward the final steps in the peace process."