US VP Joe Biden came to Eastern Europe with a burble of warm words but with empty hands, laments the Polish press. Two months after Barack Obama’s adminstration scrapped the long range anti-missile project of his precedessor, George W Bush, Warsaw daily Polska is none too impressed by the American latest floater of a SAM 3 shield to replace it. Useful only against short and medium range rockets, and as yet untested, Polska describes the idea as “futuristic” and a sop to Poland that feels abandoned to a resurgent Russia breathing down its neck. Polska also regrets that President Obama has ditched several promising projects such as Airborne Laser or Kinetic Energy Interceptor programme. SAM 3 is nothing but an “inferior” subtitute and lacks the mark of the “serious proposal” presented by the Bush administration of fond memory. “In fact, its potential benefits for Poland were so great that Kremlin did everything possible to sabotage the project”, the daily complains.