"Jobs for rejected asylum seekers." Today the Danish daily Politiken launched a campaign to gather funds from its readers to create an information centre on Iraq. The goal of the project is to provide work for 100 Iraqi refugees who have been refused the right to stay in Denmark. The refugees, who are to be employed as consultants and lecturers, will be paid 32,000 Danish kroner a month (approximately 4,300 euros), a level of salary that should enable them to rapidly obtain residency rights in line with the provisions of a law designed to attract highly qualified immigrants to the country. When one family member obtains a residency permit of this kind, the rest of the family can also stay. "If the state does not want to help, civil society will have to intervene," explains the editor in chief of Politiken, Tøger Seidenfaden, in the newspaper's editorial. Both the government and the People's Party, its extreme right ally in Parliament, have announced their intention to block the initiative.