On the day the FAO summit on world food security opens, headlines are not on the global fight against hunger, but on "the quirks of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi ", La Repubblica reports. In a year of non-event summits, FAO is proving to be no exception in fact with the documents tabled setting extremely vague goals such eliminating hunger "as soon as possible.” NGO’s have reacted angrily – "It's outrageous that no funds were properly outlined", a spokesman for ActionAid commented. "In such a context, promises to eliminate hunger before 2025 are nonsense".

Far more interesting has been the private summit held by Gaddafi at the Libyan ambassador's residence: the colonel asked for no less than 200 hostesses hired via an agency, "well-dressed but without plunging necklines", to whom he gave a Koran in Italian and offered to pay for the pilgrimage to Mecca in case they accept to convert to Islam.