“Eurosummits with and without Poland”, leads Gazeta Wyborcza on the compromise reached at the January 30 EU summit which allows Poland to participate in eurozone meetings, but only those dedicated to “the implementation of the fiscal pact and eurozone reforms”.

Polish PM Donald Tusk insists that he is not “100% happy with the compromise”, but Poland will nevertheless sign the pact. Dziennik Gazeta Prawna paints a gloomy picture of this week’ summit, drawing the following conclusions-

Firstly, Europe has broken up. The fiscal pact is the founding act of the new EU, where non-euro countries will become second tier members. Secondly, it offers an excellent opportunity to do away with the myth that we [Poland] are hitched up to Germany and sucking up the benefits. Germany will not sacrifice its co-operation with France on the altar of Foreign minister Sikorski’s Berlin speech calling for more German leadership. Thirdly, we can congratulate France and Germany on conducting an effective policy with clearly defined national goals. We [Poland] just improvise.