On 17 February the European Parliament decided to evaluate the latest laws adopted in Hungary to determine whether they comply with European values. The resolution, which was passed by left-wing MEPs, liberals and environmentalists, against the advice of more conservative deputies, is “a slap to Orbán,” leads Népszava. For the leftist daily -

The question comes up as to whether the government’s story is true – that this is a leftist-liberal conspiracy, and why is Hungary always the target? [...] We must not forget that by joining the Union, we respect not only Community law but democratic values as well. [...] For the moment, this motion has no legal consequences. Parliament has given enough time to the Hungarian government to act. We should make the most of it.

Unsurprisingly, Magyar Hirlap attacks the Hungarian socialist MEPs. In a commentary entitled “A mess of pottage,” Zsolt Bayer, journalist member of the Fidesz party of Victor Orbán, and personal friend of the latter, wonders -

How is it possible that there is a communist group within the European Parliament? [...] They are no better than the Nazis. [...] The behaviour of the Hungarian Socialists is unimaginable in any other country. During the sanctions against Austria at the time of Haider, for example, the leader of Austria’s Socialist Party called for the hounding of his country to stop.