"Lukashenko's war", headlines Gazeta Wyborcza after the Belarusian authorities, in response to fresh sanctions imposed on the country by the EU, ordered the ambassadors of Poland and the EU to leave Minsk.

More EU member state ambassadors are said to be leaving the Belarusian capital in a gesture of solidarity.

The Warsaw daily notes that -

By harassing the ambassadors, Alexander Lukashenko is trying to paralyze the diplomatic services of countries all too generous in issuing visas to his compatriots.

Meanwhile Rzeczpospolita insiststhat though "Mr Lukashenko has singled out Poland as “Number 1 enemy" and "tough diplomatic retorsion is a must", a moderate approach is nonetheless advised -

We don't know whether in a year or half Mr Lukashenko will again ask the EU for funds and assistance. If this happens, we must not renounce the demand for political prisoners to be freed, but let's not exaggerate by asking for full democratisation.