"What have Romanians gained since the fall of Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu’s government?" wonders Vox Publica. On April 27, the centre-right cabinet was toppled after the defection of some twenty members, and President Traian Băsescu appointed a Prime Minister from the left, 39-year-old Victor Ponta.

"Romanians have gained confidence in themselves, because the fall actually began in January," when Romanian "indignados" began to protest against austerity measures, notes the Bucharest-based news website.

Neither the president nor the former ruling coalition have understood that Romanians were not simply looking for a change of people [a reshuffle took place on February 6]. But instead, a change of direction for Romania, and its economic policies". [...] The status quo in which those people who have power can do anything without accountability, has increased.

Vox Publica warns that ahead of the parliamentary elections due in November, "all mistakes can rebound against Ponta." For the new head of the government, the main risk is the creation of a "shorter term government: in which capable people will not want to take control with such a short mandate, and those of the socialist old guard will want to finally quench their thirst for power."