Europe has been yanked into the diplomatic tug-o’-war between Switzerland and Libya: in retaliation for Bern’s “blacklisting” of 188 Libyan “undesirables” (including the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi and his sons) who should be denied entry into the Schengen area, Tripoli is now refusing to issue tourist visas to citizens of Schengen countries (including Switzerland), reports la Tribune de Genève. The Swiss black list has been slammed by Italy, which regards its former colony as the West’s "strategic partner" in energy matters and in the “fight against terrorism and illegal immigration", explains La Repubblica. The Swiss daily, on the other hand, applauds its country’s sudden show of national dignity: "Muammar Gaddafi’s regime […] won’t be able to do without Europe’s productive forces and investors. All his huffing and puffing about the visas could well turn out to be bluffing. Provided, however, the EU doesn’t fall for the colonel’s ploy of dividing the democracies.” The crisis broke out back in 2008, after one of Gaddafi’s sons was arrested in Geneva. In reprisal, Tripoli is detaining two Swiss nationals in Libya.