Once again, Thilo Sarrazin, the author of a bestselling and highly controversial book on immigration in Germany, has shocked readers with the “ugly nationalist” tone in his new book, Europa braucht den Euro nicht (“Europe Does Not Need the Euro”).

This book is a “disgusting litany of false arguments”, announcesFrankfurter Rundschau. The German daily notes that Sarrazin, who worked for the IMF, the German Ministry of Finance and the Bundesbank, should have some mastery of the subject, which “he fails to address” —

Sarrazin constructs an opposition between an efficient Northern Europe and a chaotic South — between workers and layabouts, and whites and dark-skinned people. He refers to countries which he claims behave irresponsibly as “Club Med” states. And where does he situate France? In this Club Med! […] As an adversary of the euro, he puts forward a theory as to why Germany has been pro-European until now: the Germans’ persistent enthusiasm for Europe can only be explained by “the moral deadweight of the Nazi era”. This is a book of lies. […] Let’s hope it rots on booksellers’ shelves!