On 8 March, 163 works of modern art by artists such as Appel, Corneille, Santomaso and Morellet – which used to grace the walls of the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette factory in Zevenaar – were sold at auction in Amsterdam, reports the front page of De Volkskrant. The sale, organized by Sotheby’s, made 13.5 million euros – a record for modern art in the Netherlands. The star of the show was the painting Dinosaurierei (dinosaur egg) by German artist Martin Kippenberger, which fetched a price of more than a million euros including commission. The collection was of such high quality that "on its own, it could have constituted a good basis for an art museum focusing on works from the latter half of the 20th century," points out Dirk Limburg in his cultural blog on the NRC Handelsblad website. The journalist regretfully adds that it included 25 masterpieces that he would have loved "to see and see again on repeated visits to modern art museums."