"Barbara and her husband have spent the last two decades issuing solemn warnings: stop immigration, do not trust Muslims, outlaw minarets, save the family, ban homosexuality, expel feminists, and stay German!” notes Profil, in a special biographical feature on Barbara Rosenkranz. The presidential candidate for the extreme-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), who is often referred to as “the iron lady of the vineyards,” could find herself in a two-horse race against the outgoing head of state, social democrat Heinz Fischer. To date, no other candidates have gathered the necessary 6,000 signatures to participate in the 25 April election, and the March 26 deadline for the submissions is now less than three weeks away. Polls predict that the stonewalling mother of ten children (all named after figures from German mythology), and owner of a German shepherd called “Greif” (Catch), will take 28% of the vote.