“Where will the Eurozjady (a Polish neologism combining “European” and “Parasite”) lead us?”, wonders conservative weekly Uważam Rze writing on the “caste” employed by EU institutions. Not only do they enjoy abundance — extraordinarily high salaries, reimbursements, allowances and golden handshakes, they also claim that they do it for “the good of all of us – Europeans”.

In the last couple of decades, bureaucrats occupying Brussels have constructed a nice, warm and cosy nest, where they live in affluence and without stress. One EU official has noted: ‘There’s never been a depression in Brussels.’

Besides many privileges and bonuses, eurocrats are also protected by an “armoured immunity” included in EU treaties (thus virtually irrevocable as any changes would mean renegotiation of the treaties) which grants them immunity not only at the time of occupying the EU post but also afterwards.

Those lucky enough to be employed in the EU don’t have to be afraid of poverty. The EU spends its money with a light hand, without any consideration for the costs or public opinion.