Wanted for over 20 years by the Italian police, Sicilian Mafioso Giuseppe Scuderi (44) was finally apprehended on 16 March – in Bucharest. Scuderi, whom an Italian court had sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for torturing and killing a fellow Cosa Nostra member in 1989, has been living under an assumed identity in Romania for three years with his wife, recounts Adevarul. The circumstances of his arrest, the Bucharest daily explains, point up a new modus operandi for the mob. While the Sicilian Mafia has branches all over Europe (in Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Great Britain), Eastern European countries are the preferred retreats for Mafioso fugitives wanted by Italian courts. Especially Romania, which turns out to be a hospitable haven for “retired” mobsters and is not known for its over-zealous law enforcement, even if several Italian clan members have been arrested there since the country joined the EU.