Leading with the front-page headline "Armenia deals blow to peace process with Turkey," Zaman reports that the rapprochement between Ankara and Erevan came to halt on 22 April, when the Armenian government announced its intention "to freeze the process of parliamentary ratification of accords with Turkey aimed at normalising ties" between the two countries. An unsuccessful outcome to the bid to normalise relations constitute a stumbling block to Turkish accession to the EU, explains the daily, which points out that the Armenian decision has been prompted by Turkey's unwillingness "to continue the process without preconditions" relating to the resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave. Zaman also notes that the "freeze" has occurred two days before the anniversary of the Armenian genocide under the Ottoman Empire. On this topic, Tagesspiegel reports that a group of intellectuals have organised Turkey's first ever official public commemoration of the tragic events of 1915 to be held in Istanbul on 24 April.