Thousands demonstrated in the streets of Madrid and other Spanish cities on 24 April in support of judge Baltasar Garzón, leads El Mundo. Garzón is currently on trial for alleged abuses of power while investigating crimes of the Franco era, something the judge’s supporters consider “sully” the memories of the Spanish dictator’s victims. The demonstrations coincide with Garzón having accused trial judge Luciano Varela of having “an indirect interest” in the trial. It is alleged that Varela corrected right-wing union Manos Limpias and the fascist Falange party’s accusations against the judge leading to his prosecution. The right-wing El Mundo’s leader criticises “a smear campaign” that should be "entirely rejected as fraudulent", made only "to win time and slow down the trial to avoid his (Garzón‘s) prompt suspension". The Supreme Court verdict is due within a few days.