A mantra is haunting Europe – the euro is experiencing its worst crisis ever. Magazyn, the weekend supplement of Warsaw’s Dziennik Gazeta Prawna has decided to draw up a series of scenarios about the future of a currency that might not see its next birthday. One proposal is a return to the EEC and national currencies. No less radical is the exclusion of Greece or a eurozone reshuffle, dumping indebted southern members and creating a superstrong integration zone made up of northern states. One positive scenario is to harness the crisis to accelerate integration and create a European super-state. This road looks particularly winding and bumpy since it would mean “shifting the centralising French approach to government to a European level” – an idea not likely to be welcomed with open arms by Germany and the Netherlands, let alone eurosceptic Britain. Elsewhere, DGP’s front page headline “Moscow bets on love” refers to Russian Justice Minister Aleksandr Konovalov’s visit to Warsaw to seal agreements on economic co-operation between and Poland and Russian, a sign the thaw between the two nations is enduring.