"My article was not supposed to be an obituary for the European Union; my aim was to awaken Europeans to the danger of the renationalisation of political life throughout Europe, which is slowly but surely undermining the project of European integration." In the wake of numerous reponses to his recent article in the Washington Post, Charles Kupchan has published a further opinion piece in Il Sole 24 Ore in which he blames an upsurge in nationalism for weakening the EU. "If this renationalisation continues to grow in intensity, my fear is that the future of the EU will be compromised. Europeans cannot afford to take the European Union for granted; they must seek to instill new life in its institutions and to develop a stimulating vision for its future." The political analyst argues that “the EU has reached a crucial turning point. In spite of the Lisbon Treaty, over the last ten years Europe has lost its political dynamism. Political leaders and European citizens should treat the relaunch of the EU as a political priority and work to build a common vision for the next phase of European integration."