Italy: ‘Berlusconi’s Miracle’

26 February 2013 – Presseurop Il Giornale


Until the week before the election, Silvio Berlusconi’s political comeback after his ousting from government in 2011, was considered little more than a long shot.

But thanks to extremely aggressive campaigning, seductive promises (such as refunding the hated housing tax) and his opponents’ blunders, his PDL fell short of winning the Chamber of Deputies by just 0.4 per cent and the relative majority in the Senate by less than 0.6 per cent.

Mario Monti, who succeeded him as premier and was supposed to play a kingmaker role, was the big loser of the election, winning only around 10 per cent of the vote.

Berlusconi has ruled out cooperating with him, but seems open to a temporary “grand coalition” with the centre-left, as “Italy does not deserve not to be governed”.

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