In the wake of presidential elections on April 7, both candidates are claiming victory. Outgoing president Filip Vujanović of the Democratic Party of Socialists insists he scored 51.3 per cent of the vote, and that his opponent, opposition challenger Miodrag Lekić, obtained 48.7 per cent.

Lekić of the centre-right Democratic Front has declared that he polled 50.3 per cent and accused Vujanović of perpetrating a coup d'Etat. The Democratic Front is claiming that 4 per cent of votes are "invalid", which, as the daily points out, "is precisely the difference between the two candidates."

The state electoral commission has announced that it will decide on the issue within 24 hours. Tipped as the favourite to win the election, Filip Vujanović owes his popularity to his alliance with political strongman Milo Đukanović, who has served either as president or prime minister of Montenegro for more than two decades.