"Night of violence" in Terzigno, headlines Corriere della Sera. The Milan daily reports on clashes between police and the inhabitants of Terzigno, who are attempting to obstruct the opening of a waste dump close to their village at the foot of Vesuvius. The intense opposition to the landfill, which is to be used for rubbish that is already piling up in the streets of Naples, has raised fears that the city will be struck with another waste crisis like the one that occurred in 2008. Locals in Terzigno argue that the dump will have a major impact on the environment, especially in the context of acts of vandalism at another waste facility in nearby Boscoreale on 20 October. As Corriere points out, organised criminal gangs control much of the waste processing sector in the Naples region, where they make use of illegal dumps and attempt to influence protest movements to further their own interests.