A year to the day since the elections that put them in power, the three parties of the coalition led by Antonis Samaras are to hold talks on a possible reopening of public broadcaster ERT, in what amounts to “a last-ditch bid to avoid early general elections.”

If a compromise cannot be found, Samaras’ partners, the socialists of the PASOK and the Democratic Left (DIMAR), who are staunch opponents of the ERT closure, could withdraw their support from the coalition, explains Greek daily To Ethnos.

Also on June 17, the Greek Council of State will rule on an appeal against the closure submitted by ERT employees. The judges may opt to order a temporary resumption of the broadcaster’s activities until a definitive ruling can be established — a possibility that will allow the coalition a little more time.

According to a June 15 poll to forecast the results of early general elections, the conservative New Democracy party, which is led by Samaras would take 29.5 per cent of the vote, closely followed by the radical left SYRIZA on 27.5 per cent. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn would be ranked third with 11.5 percent, while PASOK would take just 6.5 per cent.