"Fillon, the hyper-Prime Minister," headlinesLa Tribune, in the wake of thegovernment reshuffle orchestrated by "hyper-president" Nicolas Sarkozy. The business daily emphasises Fillon’s vice-like grip on the post of prime minister and his complementarity with Sarkozy.Libération explains that after eight months of suspense and hemming and hawing, the reshuffle – first announced in March – "has turned out to be a political damp squib." There are very few new faces, "and continuity has taken precedence over change." For the left-wing daily, the initiative also "amounts to an end to the policy of openness [to left wingers such as former Minister of Foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner] and a closing of ranks to a team of staunch right-wingers ahead of the 2012 elections — in short it is a cabinet designed for the campaign trail rather than government."