The judiciary is likely ask parliament to withdraw the immunity from prosecution of outgoing Prime Minister Petr Nečas, who is accused of corruption.

Investigators suspect that in 2012 Nečas provided a bribe to a group of three MP’s from his own party who were threatening to overthrow his government.

In exchange for their resignations, they received positions on the boards of state-run companies. The daily questions the likelihood of such charges being successful “because there is no court precedent which would consider a job offer as a bribe.” It continues –

While the investigation into unlawful surveillance by an intelligence service led to convincing charges, the same cannot be said about the alleged bribe case. [...] The work of police and state prosecutors gives the impression that they assume: “All [politicians] steal, so we should should bust them all.” [...] Many fellow citizens rejoice that finally the time has come for “those on top”, but above all we should ask ourselves if it is not some kind of attempt to satisfy societal demand.”